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3rd Annual Mountain Survivalist Competition

Compete in Teams of Two for a Custom Pair of Awards

Questions or to Register, write

Survivalist Competition

Meet at 9am sharp.
Registration for a team of two is just $40.
Only a MAX of 9 teams will be accepted.

Tools to Bring

Each team is required to bring the following to use during the contest:
- a single knife per person (blade must not be longer than 25 cm/10 in)
- two cups
- single pot (to boil water in)
- No other tools or resources will be permitted, such as axe, rope, string, fire starters, sharpeners, etc.

Resource Provided

Each Team will be provided with resources of the same caliber. The following will be provided:
- a supply of wood
- baton
- grass
- char cloth
- a tarp
- some length of rope
- zirconium rod
- two eggs per team (bring some salt if that's what you like!)
- two bags of tea

- tools for a snare

Competition Theme

The teams of two will be judged on your skills for basic survival. This includes hands on skills and general knowledge to get you to the winners circle!

Your goal is to make a simple basic shelter, along with a fire to keep warm in a -40 C situation. You will also be showcasing how well you make a fire by boiling 2 eggs to a hard boiled stage, as well as making a proper cup of tea. *Note: A new snare component is being introduced this year.

You will be given a round of firewood and you must process it down without an axe. 

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Photos of Winterfest and the Mountain Survival Competition from previous years